Approximately 100 primary care paramedics and support staff provide Emergency Medical Service to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Chatham Kent EMS utilizes an Operations Management team of four Operations Supervisors and three Operation Managers to provide leadership in clinical excellence.

Paramedic Response Stations

Chatham Kent EMS currently deploys up to 8 ambulances and 2 Paramedic Response Vehicles from 6 Paramedic Response Stations strategically located throughout the Municipality of Chatham Kent.

All stations are equipped with patient care supplies to ensure readiness to respond and to provide a degree of self-sufficiency in the event of a supply interruption. Chatham Kent EMS is currently reviewing deployment options to rationalize station locations and to plan for future growth.

Chatham Kent EMS will continue to evaluate and revise deployment options to ensure a performance-based EMS system.

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